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May 06, 2009

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May 06, 2009

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What initially started out as something to relieve a little boredom and to have some fun turned into one of...
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Lucky Spin
46, Bovingdon, United Kingdom
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Zen Dating was created specifically for Kindred Spirits looking for Like-Minded Spiritual Singles.


My name is Loren, and I own and run Zen Dating.  After the break up of my marriage a while back and fast approaching forty, I didn't know where to start to find someone who was more compatible with the type of person I am.  That's the problem there are thousands of Dating Websites out there, but very few cater for Spiritual People looking for love, dating, life partnerships and connections with other Kindred Spirits.  Finding a date is a hard enough task, finding love is harder and can cost an arm and a leg to do so.

Fed up with other sites I was on  as for the most part I never found anyone who was totally compatible with my own way of life, ideals etc. So I decided to create my own! Some might say that's a round about way of doing things but you see, I already own many websites in the world of Spirit Mind Body, yes you have picked up that is the other way round to most sites...that's because I own a site called Spirit Mind Body UK for Kindred Spirits which has a Holistic directory, Forums, and a Network where you can add for free adverts! I have been offering my services as a Holistic web designer for over 10 years! So my intention here at Zen Dating is an extension to what I already provide.

With  a pleasant atmosphere and platform for those on a conscious path, a high level of awareness who value all the aspects of a Mind Body Spirit Lifestyle maybe I will find love too!

Zen Dating welcome all religions, sexual preferences and ask only that your intention is one of an open heart and respect for other Kindred Spirits who you may meet here on Zen Dating.

Provided is a Free Service with basic features so that you can try out our services for as long as you like, but to get the most out of Zen Dating, there are additional features at a subscription cost.  I would love to provide a totally free service, but like everything in our physical world there sometimes have to be an exchange in order for continuation. Running a website is costly, and to maintain continuation I have kept membership pricing to a minimum.

Over time I hope that many people who Join Zen Dating will Find Love. If you find a Partner, a Soulmate or even a close friendship, I would love to hear about!

In the mean time I welcome you to Zen Dating and Wish you every Success!!